Season 22 – SC Kriens – Swiss Challenge League

A team that had defined mid-table since the start of the game now had decent facilities and a good-looking first team squad. They were predicted 8th, but I thought that higher was possible. Applied for the job and was given it.

We started really well, running between 2nd and 4th for the first third of the season. Then a quick aquaplane (as required by law, apparently) and then the last half of the season was spent in living down to our pre-season prediction. Beat the poor teams, lost to the good teams, mixed results with those around us. Achieved safe-mid-table as requested by the board and fans.

Spent over my wage budget preparing for the future and felt bad doing it, but I spent nowhere near my transfer budget and the reserves and U19s don’t look good enough. Ran into a couple of ex-Pirin players here (Grasshopper loan-outs) so that was nice.

It feels a little like Pirin but already a few years in so I’ve shortcut a few years off my task. It will be tough to get promoted out of the league though as it’s a very good standard.

Players in: 5 for $750k (of $15m)
Players out: 10 for $1.7m

League Position – 9th from 18

P34 W14 D7 L13 +2

Season 23 – SC Kriens – Swiss Challenge League

Media prediction was 8th, board and fans just wanted safe mid-table.

I thought we’d end up there too, but the scouts found some talent that was too good to turn down, even though I had to spend more than I would have liked to.

With a big push we got ourselves up to 2nd, 5points behind Yverdon with 6 games to play and all the form in our favour. But once again when the pressure was on, we folded.

Injuries to our key DC (best average rating in the league) and very fast ST (should have been league top scorer) told and we went LLDDWL in those 6games to finish 5th, 7 points from the playoff place.

There is clearly some promise here but the players that the scouts found aren’t likely to want to stay here too long … we’ll see if we can keep it together for a push next year.

Players in: 8 for $1.3m (all straight to first team)
Players out: 8 for $2.5m

League Position – 5th from 18

P34 W19 D4 L11 +24

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