Season 9 – Pirin (Blogoevgrad) – Bulgarian Western B Group

Started sluggishly, bottom after 9games. But then found just enough form to get ourselves up to the media prediction (8th).  Still couldn’t beat keefa’s Vidima-Rakovski, and they were promoted after finishing second.

The facilities were improved, but show no status upgrade on the Information tab. And the ‘Board Room’ suggests that the Board are prepared to listen to any requests I have, though when I ask for the youth facilities to be upgraded I get the ‘don’t bother us any more’ response …

Our cash balance is now $4.5m. Hopefully (more significant) facility upgrade soon.

Players in: 2 for $28k
Players out: 10 for $1.2m (7 frees)

League Position – 8th from 14

P26 W9 D6 L11 -1


Current players

  • Bulgaria – 0
  • Bulgaria U21 – 3
  • Bulgaria U19 – 3 + Ukraine U19 – 1


  • Bulgaria – 0
  • Bulgaria U21 – 3
  • Bulgaria U19 – 2

Finances: started at $200k, now at $5m.

The balancing act will be trying to keep my job as we upgrade the facilities and allow the more talented players in the squad to leave for bigger teams. So far the expectations of board and supporters have been moderate …

[Edit] The Ukranian has played for the full national team now!

Season 10 – Pirin (Blogoevgrad) – Bulgarian Western B Group

Again a sluggish start and we were 13th after 8 games, but then just kept climbing and scratching out results. Had no chance of overtaking leaders Loko (Sofia) but won 1-0 at Hebar on the last day to pip the Hyphens to 2nd.

Their GD was better than ours, but this league is separated on results between teams and once again we took 4points from them. Take that, (probably) nearest rivals!

The B-Group playoff against Rodopa went poorly – we dominated, but missed our main ST (just working his way back from injury) and lost 2-0. They go up, we stay in the B Group.

Ukrainian DC played well for his national side, and our Bulgarian U-19 GK was a revelation. Half of our side now have ‘Wnt’ against them. Even Dinamo Kiev came in for our U-21 ST.

Players in: 3 for $22k
Players out: 12 for $1.3m (7 frees)

League Position – 2nd from 14

P26 W13 D6 L7 +13

Season 11 – Pirin (Blogoevgrad) – Bulgarian Western B Group

A bit of a generic season for us. Slow start, gradual improvement to mid table. The best news was that the facilities are being improved again, and all of a sudden it’s our U-19s that are MoM in their games, not the opposition. Some look like they will come through to the first team.

The Hyphens went unbeaten this season, but we drew both games (including a last-minute equalizer for them in the second game). They’re promoted of course so we’ll miss the best games of the season, unfortunately.

Players in: 2 for $6k
Players out: 11 for $1m (9 frees)

League Position – 8th from 14

P26 W8 D10 L8 +0 8/14

Season 12 – Pirin (Blagoevgrad) – Bulgarian Western B Group

This was a ‘skin of the teeth’ season. As usual, out went the class of the team and the star ST the scouts found in the Eastern Group was injured for most of the season, and we struggled.

In the end we got a point at home to Rilski sportist (just about deserved) and all three away to Chavdar (not at all deserved – a penalty winning it for us 5minutes from time), and even though we lost to Slavia (Sofia) in the last game we couldn’t be caught by Septemvri and they went down.

There seemed to be a significant improvement in the teams around us this year, though of course there was always one or two no-hopers promoted and then relegated again (thankfully 2 this year!).

Players in: 1 for $26k
Players out: 11 for $1.3m

League Position – 12th from 14

P26 W6 D6 L14 -16 12/14

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