A series of question and answer sessions with LLM community regulars where they give an insight into what the LLaMa way of playing Football Manager means to them. 

This time up it’s the turn of forum newcomer DefeatedLlama


1. What inspired you to play the LLM way?

Bored of the same old , buy same players , use same tactic, every game and know success was just a case of continuing to hit continue. Success felt hollow and saves never lasted more than 4-5 seasons.

Back on CM 01/02, stumbled into a job in Serie C2, put in some restrictions and never looked back.


2. What about the LLM ethos appeals to you the most?

I feel its a more authentic experience, every save and every job is different. Like real football , those tough times make those fleeting moments of mediocrity worth it.

I can get deeper into my saves in more aspects.


3. Are there any extra “rules” that you give to yourself for added realism?

Not really, I try and be realistic in my coaching teams, same rules as player recruitment, and squad size.


4. What makes the LLM community so great?

Only just joined, but the like minded individuals who all support each others genuine attempts to play as I feel the game was intended.


5. The landscape of Football Manager has changed a lot over the years is there still a place for LLM?

I believe so, it’s a mentality, it’s less about the game more about the manager. Although the community around FM at large is more about road to glories or top flight wonderkid. philosophies. LLM has a strong scene.


6. For a new player maybe looking to dip their toes into the world of LLM what would your advice be?

Find joy in the small details. Most of your games will be a hard slog.


7. What is your favourite nation to manage in and why?

Wales, achieving anything is a success and the gap between achieving anything outside the nation is cavernous.


8. What nations do you avoid and why?

Spain, never tried it, always looks tricky understanding the format.


9. Who are you currently managing and how is it going?

Llanrhaeder , Cymru North. Just got the job after being sacked from previous role.


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