Season 7 – Mjondalen IF, 2.Division, Norway

Media Prediction: 3rd from 8

Board Expectations: Top Half

When the season ended I began the rebuilding process by releasing 2 of the 3 goalkeeping coaches on the payroll. The issue being that when a coach I wanted to sign agreed to join, the board cancelled the deal because of the insecure finances. Great, I was not going to be able to sign anyone!

After a few players and other staff left at the ends of their contracts, I started to look at new options to bring in. The problem? The board kept saying that we couldn’t afford any new people, even though they were allowing me to offer them the salary within the budget they had given.

With a very young squad we struggled to make an impact and after 1 win in 14 (and 1 win in 25 including last season) I was given the boot.

League Position – 14th (14)

P:14 | W:1 | D:4 | L:9 | F:7 | A:19 | Pts:7

Season 7b – Kongsvinger  IL Toppfotball, 2.Division, Norway

Media Prediction: 1st from 14

Board Expectations: Promotion

I wasn’t out of work for long when recently relegated, and title favourites Kongsvinger approached me. They were down in 7th in the league and hugely under-acheiving, so I decided to give it a crack. They are in the same divisional group as Mjondalen.

The squad was much stronger than I had at Mjondalen, and when we lost the first game at home 2-1, I thought I had just been cursed with bad luck by some Bulgarians!  Things soon turned for the good though, and we won the final 7 on the spin to boost my morale. I now have 8 wins in Norway. \o/

Next season might be a struggle though, as this club are in a financial mess as well, and I might well lose a few of my ‘star’ players.

League Position – 3rd (14)

P:26 | W:15 | D:6 | L:5 | F:52 | A:30 | Pts:51

Season 8 – Kongsvinger  IL Toppfotball, 2.Division, Norway

Media Prediction: 1st from 14

Board Expectations: Promotion

Despite the financial concerns the board allowed me to renew all my contracts, and even sign a couple of new players! This was a gamble that had to pay off, or I would be taking the club to the wall.

A bonus was the youth intake, as a 15 year old ST came through along with a 15 year old AMC, and they were both considered to be potential stars of the future for Kongsvinger. In fact, as soon as the ST arrived I was having to fend off the approaches of Rosenborg for him, so I immediately offered him a contract that he will start on his 17th birthday.

Thankfully, my gamble did pay off, and we led the table for the biggest part of the season, although until the last game of the season it was only on goal difference. 2nd placed Skeid had an inferior GD of 15, so if we won our final match they would need to really break records to go up.

As it turned out we won 3-0 and Skeid lost 3-2, and we won the title, and promotion \o/

Once again the board allowed me to re-sign all of my expiring contracts, and also offered me a new 2 year deal. I accepted and look forward to playing in the 1. divisjon.

League Position – 1st (14)

P:26 | W:19 | D:4 | L:3 | F:76 | A:24 | Pts:61

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