Season 5 – Fluminense de Feira (BA), Serie C, Brazil

Media Prediction: 4th from 8

Board Expectations: Top Half

After my abrupt sacking I was encouraged by the amount of jobs available. What didn’t impress me was the quality of those jobs. After 3 days Brazilian Serie C Fluminense de Feira approached me, so I decided to take my first steps in Brazil.

There were only 4 matches left in the group stage of the Serie C championship, and we were 4th in group A. Only the top 2 from each group go through to the second stage, when the competition becomes a knock-out. My first 2 games were defeats away at the top 2 teams, before we won against a relegated team.

Got some work to do for next year!

League Position – Serie C (A) 5th ( 8 )

P:14 | W:5 | D:4 | L:5 | F:17 | A:17 | Pts:19

Season 6 (State) – Fluminense de Feira (BA), Campeonato Baiano

Media Prediction: 3rd from 12

Board Expectations: Don’t be outclassed

When the board gave me their expectations I was happy, but then I looked at our predicted position and got a bit of a shock.I then did some reading into the Brazilian league system, and discovered that the first half of my year was going to be a regional competition, with the Serie C coming from May onwards.

In an attempt to get some control over the shocking finances I decided not to renew a lot of contracts and trim the squad down to a reasonable size. When the season started I soon discovered why the squad was so big, as matches in the Compeonato Baiano are played pretty much every 3 days, with no break in between. There were times when I had more injured players than fit, and I we struggled at times to compete.

I felt as though I was getting somewhere towards the end of the campaign, and am looking forward to Serie C beginning, where we have been drawn in Group K.

League Position – 8th (12)

P:22 | W:6 | D:6 | L:10 | F:17 | A:29 | Pts:24


Season 6 (National) – Fluminense de Feira (BA), Serie C

Media Prediction: 3rd from 12

Board Expectations: Don’t be outclassed

After results started to pick up towards the end of the Campeonato Baiano, I was confident of doing better in the Serie C this year.

We didn’t and relegation sealed my sacking on the last day of the season.

League Position –  7th ( 8 )

P:14 | W:3 | D:5 | L:6 | F:13 | A:17 | Pts:14

Season 6 – Mjondalen IF, 2.Division, Norway

Media Prediction: 3rd from 14

Board Expectations: Top Half Finish

With Mjondalen languishing in 9th position, I decided to return to Europe and headed to Norway with 11 matches remaining in their season.

My aim was to improve the league position to somewhere near the top 5, as they had finished 4th and then 3rd in the previous 2 seasons after their relegation.

I worked my magic and we failed to win any of the 11 games, slipping to a 10th place finish. We were tough to beat, though, and drew 7 of my 11 in charge. I have a good idea of the weak links in the team, and with a nice long winter break and 3 month transfer window.

I am hopeful of rebuilding this club.

League Position – 10th (14)

P:26 | W:5  | D:11 | L:10  |F:16 | A:28 | Pts:26

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