Season 14a – Red Bu..- I mean RasenBallsport Leipzig, German Bundesliga

I wrote a more comprehensive update but the site sh*t itself before I could hit post, so I’ll quickly sum up.

Left Frankfurt because I’d had enough of their sh*t, took a few of my favourites who didn’t hate me with me and spent a lot of money trying to revamp the failing club – they’d not finished in the top 4 since 26/27 which is getting on for a decade.

They finished 7th last year, and I could never put a consistent enough run together to get them higher than 6th. The club is rotten and needs proper root and branch stuff, but I was essentially told I wouldn’t get that time.

Didn’t help that we were punted out the Cup in the first round.

Season 14b – Athletic Bilbao, Spanish La Liga

I took over with 10 games left, and the club still in Europe but barely.  We beat Celtic in Bilbao but the caretaker lost too heavily in Glasgow for us to advance.

In the league, my only defeat in the first eight was against Atletico Madrid, lifting us from 15th up to 8th (the league was incredibly tight, points-wise, in midtable).

A late winner against Valencia with two to go set up what looked like a European football shootout with Valladolid who occupied 7th. We’d lost 2-1 at their place so because Spain’s sorting rules use H2H first, we just needed to win 1-0 – or by two clear goals – then hope to fuck we matched their result on the last day where I’d face a Granada already safe with nothing to play for.

Of course, we blew the Valladolid game meaning no European football, but I did manage to slowly impress on the squad my playing style. They also don’t hate me yet, but there’s time.

It’s going to be a challenge transfer-wise as we can only sign Basque players permanently, though we do have the option to loan non-Basque players.

This will either be a long-term youth development project or it’ll be a f*cking sh*tshow and I’ll not see the end of next season.

I know where my money lies…

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