Season 1 – Alicante, Segunda B Group 3, Spain


In: 7 for 19K (3 Def, 3 Mid, 1 ST)
Out: 0 for 0K


Season started out well with us sitting mid table-ish for most of the first half of the season. The first half of the season had allowed me to look for some scouts and for them to scour Spain for some fresh blood.

The team I had taken over was a bit on the older side, but not bad. I wanted some young blood to build upon.  Come January and the new transfer window, my scouts had found me a lot of good talent, most of it for free as well!!

So, in came some new players and up we went in the table. One of highlights was my new striker, he was just banging goals in for fun and was the main reason we climbed the table. He finished the season for us having knocked in 21 goals in 15 matches!!!

League Table

1st Castellon 24-9-5 76F 43A +33 81pts
2nd Alcoyano 25-2-11 74F 45A +29 77pts
3rd Sabadell 22-5-11 66F 50A +16 71pts
4th Alicante 19-12-7 68F 40A +28 69pts

We were the best defensive team in the league, but that all failed us as we crashed massively out of the playoffs in the first round.

Onwards and upwards!!!

Season 2 – Alicante, Segunda B Group 3, Spain


IN: 6 for 47K (1 DL for 40K, 1 DR for 7K, 1 GK, 1MR, 2 MC
OUT: 2 for 0K


Looking at last season and figuring out the areas we needed improving was actually a bit tough. I though we performed well and didn’t really need much. Before the season, I only made 2 signings being the DR and the very young and supposedly promising DL for a total of 47K.

The DR went straight into the starting 11 and off we went…not nearly in as good of form as last season. Our GK was suddenly struggling mighily (could be that he was 35 entering this season?) and so I started a mad search for a new GK for the Jan window as our youngsters were, simply put, appalling.

Jan comes, my scout finds a terrific looking Argentinian GK that had been released by Sevilla. He was a little older than I would like at 30, but I needed someone and I needed someone now.

He, and a couple of good MC signing, were exactly what the doctor ordered….we started winning and we started winning a lot. We went on a 9-match winning streak and that was in the middle of a 28-match unbeaten run. Needless to say we were sitting pretty come the end of the season.

League Table

1st Alicante 27-7-3 89F 32A +57 91pts
2nd Elche 26-9-3 70F 22A +48 87pts
3rd Orihuela 22-6-10 63F 37A +26 72pts

I didn’t clinch until the last match of the season, but there was a significant drop off from 2nd to 3rd.

We still had to go into playoffs and we came out on top of the entire Division B!!!!

Season 3 – Alicante, Segunda División, Spain


IN: 9 for 35K (35K on young ST, 2 more ST, 1 DC, 1 DL, 1 ML, 2 MC, 1 young GK)
OUT: 18 for 14K


I went into promotion knowing we needed to improve to stay alive. I went out and brought in a very promising looking ST who was 17, and my scouts found a great looking Nigerian ST who was enormously tall. I had lost my ML as he was refusing to resign with me for some reason and I brought in a decent enough looking guy there. Found a fabulous looking DC and a DL to play in place of the youngster I had signed last season.

The season started ok…winning some, losing some, but never really venturing into the relegation zone….but something just wasn’t clicking with the team…new ML was crap and I wanted to get young ST into the team as he was playing great coming off the bench. So, I changed formations to make it happen and got the stinking ML onto the bench. This was the change the team needed and we went on to finish the season strong.

League Table

6th R. Sociedad 16-14-12 71F 60A +11 62pts
7th Alicante 17-11-14 58F 49A +9 62pts
8th Cordoba 17-11-14 81F 66A +15 62pts

As you can see there were three teams all tied on points for that last playoff spot. TBH, I have no idea how Cordoba finished last of the three…but we just missed out on the playoff spot that 6th got.

Highlights: Our second half performance after we changed tactics. We were nearly unbeatable and if it wasn’t for a rather poor first half, we would have gotten into the playoffs.

Lowlights Our first half performance…probably cost us a playoff spot…we just simply were drawing and losing too many…even though we were never in the relegation zone, we were poor compared to our second half performance.


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