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Lower League Manager Careers

LLM forum regulars post about their ups and downs in the world of Football Manager. Free from tactical spoilers, player naming and tipping. As is the LLaMa way.

Join keefa as he starts off his lower league journey at English National League North side Boston United and attempts to go from Pilgrim to Exile.

f1dave goes north of the border as he takes on the unenviable challenge of bringing success to the Scottish capital’s lesser known third club, Edinburgh City.

JD finds himself in the tiny Polish village of Nieciecza. Where he will attempt to restore Bruk-Bet to the top flight and European football once more.

Once again taking on the challenge of Stalybridge Celtic in the English lower leagues, bennytee hopes to bring league football to Tameside for the first time ever.  But does familiarity breed contempt?

tomtwice starts his career in the Portuguese lower levels at Lusitano FCV in the city of Viseu. Surrounded by mountains and with 96 clubs at this level can he negotiate his way to success in Iberia?

A new blog from the Lower League Manager community coming soon. 

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About us

We are the Lower League Managers or LLM / LLaMa for short

Football Manager enthusiasts playing the LLM way: as realistically as possible, without tipping, cheating or bragging.

The challenge of an LLM save is not to ‘win everything’, but simply to undertake a career with all the ups and downs that would be expected within the real football world and, for the most part, failing spectacularly.

LLM Fundamentals 

LLM isn’t just about starting in the lowest leagues, it is a whole ethos, a certain way of playing the game.

Tactics & Training

We always use our own tactics and training, LLM players regard foreknowledge of such things as spoilers and prefer a DIY approach which is far more rewarding in the long run.

Signing Players

We use our scouts to search for players and never the player search screen. If someone plays well against us or appears in a news item then we always get our scouts to give them the once over before making an approach.


An absolute no-no. You are only cheating yourself and honesty is one of the cornerstones of the LLM ethos.

LLM players always start in the lowest playable league of any given nation and often use the LLMPicker to choose for them.

The editor

The editor is never used in any LLM games to maintain fairness. Dispite best intentions of those who do provide edited databases it can lead to imbalances in the game. LLM players play the game as is “out of the box”

Finding Staff

Staff are always found by placing an advert in the job centre. It is far more realistic than trawling through a list with all attributes fully visable.

Attribute masking

It would be highly unrealistic to know every players exact attributes without scouting or trialing them so use of this feature is mandatory.

Realism & Ethics

We play as realistically as possible within the framework of the game and make a personal commitment not to take advantage of any quirks, bugs or loopholes in order to maintain the integrity of our saves.

The latest posts from the Lower League Manager community

Season 1 – Alicante, Segunda B Group 3, Spain Transfers In: 7 for 19K (3 Def, 3 Mid, 1 ST) […]
Season 7 – Lusitano FCV, Liga Portugal 2 (2nd Tier, 18 teams) TransfersIt seems I’m not allowed to have fullbacks, […]
Season 4 – Lusitano FCV, Terceira Liga (3rd Tier, 24 teams) TransfersSo my wage budget jumped from £17k to £115k […]

Lower League Manager Q&A’s

A series of question and answer sessions with LLM community regulars where they give an insight into what the LLaMa way of playing Football Manager means to them. 


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what others have to say:

Before I started playing the LLM way I was really crap at the game.  Now i’m still crap but i’m in good company

Ron Haywood

Sydney, Australia

I’d always dreamed of winning the Champions League with River Plate and now those dreams can become a reality

Frank Smith

Skegness, UK

tazas chupar culo

Juan Carlos

Lima, Peru

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